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Chinese Prime Mover :Dr. Song ping (宋平), professor in the department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University, China . She has been teaching graduate students focusing on the areas of Globalization and Anthropology, Trans-national Anthropology, Modernity and Chinese Civilization, among other courses. She also teaches Chinese Culture and History to international students. Her research is focused on the issues of Chinese migrants trans-national social practices and Chinese new trans-national migrants as cultural subjectivity in the global context.

European Prime Movers: Mrs Edith SIZOO and Mr. Hendrik Opdebeeck

Ms Edith Sizoo, Dutch, Socio-linguist, worked within the framework of the Cooperation for development in Hong Kong and in India, at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the Director of the Dutch Federation of the NGOs, then at Brussels with the network « Cultures and Development » as an international co-ordinator and responsible for the programmes « Languages and intercultural communication » and « Feminity and social changes ». Since 2003, she has been coordinating the International Committee for the Charter of Human responsibilities.

Mr. Hendrik Opdebeek is Professor of Ethics and Economy at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and co-founder of the European Forum for Spirituality in Economics and Society.

Assistant in China :Mr. Zhao jin (赵晋), from the Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University, China