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Theme-based workshops

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Group 1 : On ethics, culture, science and education

  • WT11 – Chinese and European views of the individuals and society
  • WT12 – The change to ethical reference points
  • WT13 – The challenges and advantages of Euro‐Chinese dialogue
  • WT14 – The reform of higher education
  • WT15 – The management of scientific and technical choices
  • WT16 – IT systems in the age of the Internet
  • WT17 – Nationalism and cosmopolitanism
  • WT18 – the change to education systems

Group 2 : On the development of society

  • WT21 – The impact of demographic change
  • WT22 – The wealth and poverty: the search for a social model
  • WT23 – The conception and management of public services

Group 3 : On the evolution of the systems of production and trade

  • WT31 – The polarization of development; regional development
  • WT32 – The position of China and Europe in the global system of production and trade
  • WT33 – The capacity of the economic and financial players to take a long-term view
  • WT34 – The future of rural areas in China and Europe
  • WT35 – Sustainable agri-food supply chains and systems

Group 4 : On governance and public affairs

  • WT41 – The search for a form of governance suited to the challenges of the 21st century
  • WT42 – Urban design and urban governance
  • WT43 – Relations with other regions of the world
  • WT44 – Global affairs and global governance
  • WT45 – The participation of citizens in the life and choices of society

Group 5 : On the relations between society and the biosphere

  • WT51 – Toward a new development model and a sustainable and harmonious society
  • WT52 – Water management
  • WT53 – Energy management
  • WT54 – Land management and land ownership policies
  • WT55 – Management of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • WT56 – Management of mountain territories

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