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Workshop presentation

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A foundation refers to a non-profit organization, which manages the funds donated by voluntary community groups or individuals and is classified as a social group with legal person status. The purpose of a foundation usually is to promote the development of science, culture, education, social welfare and other public profit. Since the 20th century, the development of the foundations has staged into a vigorous epic, and a lot of worldwide foundations with huge scale has been emerging. After the miracle reforms and opening-up of China in 1980s and the soaring development of China’s economic, the foundations in China has also shared such a great achievement. Accompanying with the flourishing of foundation organizations, the international exchanges and cooperation among these foundations in the context of globalization also become an inevitable trend.

When working under the purpose of the foundations, we are simultaneously thinking over our responsibilities, as well as the role we should play in the background of the globalization. However, due to the difference on the development between the foundation at home and overseas, and due to the cultural distinguishing, as well as the impact from the current global financial and economic crisis, the exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese foundations and European foundations will encounter more and more challenges. But in the other side, it is exactly these same challenges that require a directer and deeper dialogue between the Chinese foundations and European foundations. As such, we would take this China-EU forum as a great opportunity and an open and comprehensive platform, under which we would discuss on the role and responsibility during dealing with these challenges jointly by China and the Europe.