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Privacy policy

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Personal data

Following are an explanation of the nature of the data that may be picked up by the Web site or third parties and the rules we observe to preserve their privacy.


The China-Europa Forum offers a newsletter. The newsletter, which gives the latest Forum news, is e-mailed to persons who have asked to receive it. The only information we need to provide you with this service is your e-mail address.
In keeping with the French 1978 law Informatique et libertés, you can request, change or cancel your subscription at any moment simply by writing to On our side, we commit to looking after the safeguard and preservation of these data, which will on no account be given or sold to any third party.

Public information

When you send messages, to forums in particular, you can leave your e-mail address for other users to have so they can write to you directly without going through the forum. It is important that you know that in this case your e-mail address becomes public and accessible through the entire Internet network. We can therefore not guarantee the privacy of data posted in a public area.

For your information, you are running this risk every time you leave personal information in a public area. There are automatic computer programmes that scan the network to pick up e-mail addresses left in publicly accessible pages, and these data are sometimes used to send unsolicited e-mail.


The China-Europa Forum Web site in certain cases will set “cookies” (small text files) in your computer intended to facilitate your browsing. Forums are amongst these cases. Your personal cookies for a forum memorise the data entered into the original inscription form so you don’t have to enter them every time you return to the forum page.

Leaving tracks

Browsing on the Internet is only partially anonymous. In fact, every computer uses its own specific “IP address” to connect to the Internet network. When you connect to a server, the latter records your personal IP address, which can be used to identify the type of domain of your Internet Service Provider (.net, .org, .com, etc.), and thus in some cases, the country it is in ( .uk, .us, .de, etc.); it is also possible to track, on the basis of your IP address, your visit on the Web site, the pages you called up, and the links that led you to the Web site. This information is recorded in a file (log) along with all other connections to our server. In addition to this basic information, we can measure the audience of our Web site through PhpMyVisit technology, which will give us information on your browsing.

We use these data to analyse statistics for the Web site, the pages that were called up – and therefore what sections or pages visitors have or have not been interested in, as well as from what other Web site or search engine you might have been referred to the Web site (through which links you have logged on to the China-Europa Forum Web site). The purpose of all this is to oversee the quality of the Web site, to detect possible glitches, to measure the audience for our partners, as well as to understand your expectations. In short, these data help us to improve the Web site on the one hand, and to increase and understand its visits on the other.