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Tripartite Preparatory Meeting held in Paris

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Tripartite Preparatory Meeting held in Paris

On 20 April an initial meeting was held in Paris between the representatives of Chinese, European and South American civil societies. It was the first tripartite dialogue organised within the framework of the Rio+20 Conference.

Representatives shared their preparations for Rio+20 and discussed a range of concerns including natural resources, increasingly dense populations and the path of transition. They agreed on the importance of mobilising actors from civil society, identifying common challenges and working on a long-term basis using Rio+20 as a designated launch pad for the movement. They finally reached a consensus on a Memorandum of Understanding for the Tripartite Dialogue with an attempt to establish a long-term collaboration.

The route was mapped for Tripartite Dialogue and Collaborations in June in Rio de Janeiro and the future. An informal coordination structure for the tripartite dialogue was established.