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Summary of the 2003-2010 Project of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind

Auteurs : Pierre Calame

Date : 29 juillet 2003

Publié par Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer

The FPH is twenty years old. The 2003-2010 Project is the legacy of these twenty years of work, divided into two stages separated by a first sabbatical period (1988-1990). From the moment it was set up, the Foundation has tried to define and experience itself as a human adventure guided by constant perspectives, but inventing its path as it progresses.

The Foundation is independent and has the necessary resources for long-term action thanks to the income it receives from the Charles Léopold Mayer estate that was bequeathed to us. It has always considered that its duty was to put itself at the service of the major challenges of the present world, no matter how large the challenges and how small the Foundation.

The 2003-2010 Project is the fruit of a second sabbatical interval (2002-2003), which followed a period of twelve years of work (1990-2002) and allowed us to capitalize the experience we have acquired, to move away from everyday concerns for some perspective, and to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the action we have conducted so far.

The passage from the second to the third stage of the Foundation is characterized by both continuity and changes. Continuity lies in the ambition (to be at the service of the major challenges) and the style (a long-term human adventure for which the path is invented while in progress). It is also present in the priorities and methods derived from what we have learned in the past twenty years. There are three sources for the changes. First, the world has changed profoundly since 1990. The fundamental challenges are still the same but the economic, political, social, intellectual, scientific, and technological context has changed. Second, our action itself has brought deep changes upon us and led us to define ourselves differently. Third, the capitalization we undertook also revealed our weaknesses, our limits, and our contradictions, something we would now like to remedy.

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