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Healthy Rivers and the Implementation of Sustainable Water Resources Management

Authors: Georgios SYLAIOS, Jinsong GUO, Menelaos HATZIAPOSTOLIDIS

Under the auspices of the China-Europe Forum, the Chongqing Science and Technology Commission (CSTC) and the Chongqing Municipality, the University of Chongqing organized in China (21-24/10/2009) a joint scientific workshop on promoting ecohydrology for the sustainable management of wetland ecosystems and water resources. The workshop received the code name T52c and was one of the numerous events organized in parallel in various cities of China, covering all the challenges Europe and China are currently confronting. The scope of this workshop was to establish new ways of comprehensive dialogue on modern environmental issues facing both societies, seeking common solutions by involving all types of public and private stakeholders. To fulfill the Forum’s obligations on relying on four categories of strong partners, our workshop involved local authorities from Greece and China, scientific networks such as the UNESCO Ecohydrology Working Group, based in Europe as well as in China.

Ecohydrology was selected by both parties as an innovative and exciting topic, considered as the science of interplay between biota and hydrology, falling exactly within the context of Forum’s category: “Relations of humankind and biosphere”. For this reason, the organized workshop aimed to provide integrative solutions on issues related to water, people and the environment by focusing on demonstration projects and specific case studies that promote ecosystem improvement and public awareness at local and regional scale.

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