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Water management strategy and climate change

Case of the Rhone-Mediterranean basin

Authors: Jacky COTTET

Date: 2009


I. The Rhone-Mediterranean Basin: Some Main Features

II. Climate Change and Water: Observations and Prospects

  • Already tensions for water resources … linked to economic and social developments;

  • An increase in air temperature;

  • Longer and more frequent periods of drought;

  • An increase in rainfall levels in the winter and a decrease in summer;

  • Glacier shrinkage;

  • The decrease in snow cover

  • A more changeable climate

And major consequences therefore for aquatic environments…

III. A strategy to meet Today’s Challenges…

While Preparing for the Future…

An integrated and balanced resource management policy, combined with the implementation of a forward-looking approach…

1)Save water!

2)Prevention and management of drought and water shortages

3)Mobilization of new resources

4)Higher aspirations with regard to water quality and biodiversity

5)Prevention of flood-related risks

6)Forward-looking approach

IV. Conclusion

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