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T46b Internet and Citizen Participation

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Workshop launched in July of 2009, during the Prime Movers’ Meeting in Paris.
Prime Movers: Mr. LAN Yun (China) and Mrs Armony ALTINIER (Europe)
The common Workshop issue is still in the writing.
The Workshop has never met yet, a first meeting is planned in Shenzhen, China, in Spring, 2010.


- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

- China-Europa Forum catalogue

Presentation of the Workshop

Key question

  • The right of a true information as a Human right in the Internet Area.

Topics for Debate

During the last Prime Movers’ Meeting in Paris in July 2009, we have identified seven major issues.

  • What are the limits for the exchanges through the Internet?
  • The buzz effect on the Web: must we controle it? How to sort out the relevant information among the abundance of news?
  • Children and the Internet: how protect the underages and teach them how to safely surf on the Web?
  • At the time of citizen-journalist, what are the stakes for the new media?
  • Internet and the intellectual property: which challenges for the traditionnal industries and the payment of the artists?
  • Citizens’ mobilization through the Internet: how the Net users unite their forces on the Web to defend a cause?
  • The Internet as a vector of integration: How to make the Web accessible to all, regardless disability?

About us

The Prime Movers

Mr. LAN Yun (蓝云), Chief Deputy Editor of Oeeee Information and Technology Company, represents the Workshop in China, with the help of Miss Suzy JIANG (姜丽萍); for the European side, the Prime Mover is Mrs Armony ALTINIER (聂和美) (France), Director of ACS Horizons Ltd, consultant for China and Web accessibility, and Webmaster of the China-Europa Forum’s Website.


  • Europe: Mrs Armony ALTINIER (聂和美)
    • Email: armony AT acs-horizons DOT fr
    • Tel.: +33.178178855
  • China: Miss Suzy JIANG (姜丽萍), assistant of Mr. LAN Yun (蓝云)
    • Email: springtears AT 163 DOT com

Workshop’s News

The Workshop "Internet and Citizen Participation" has been officially launched during the Prime Movers’ Meeting which has taken place in Paris in 2009, July 22-23. This Meeting has lead to a rich and abounding debate about Internet and Citizen Participation, allowing to define topics for debate.

The Web portal Oeeee.com made a report about the meeting on its Website.

The next step determined during the Meeting is as follow: organize a first meeting of the workshop in Shenzhen, China, in Spring 2010. To do so, we need to find 10 European participants and 10 Chinese participants interested in building a dialog around the topics defined in July.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested!

Researched Profiles

We are not looking for specialists of the China-European relations, but specialists of the question of the citizen participation through the Internet in their own country. It is through the exchanges between citizens from each side that we will build together a common problematic and dialog.

In order to animate this dialog, we are looking for, in China and Europe :

  • An actor of the online press that allows its readers to contribute.
  • A searcher specialized in the question of the Internet and citizens’ participation in his/her country.
  • An activist of citizens’ participation through the Internet in his/her country.
  • A blogger famous for what he/she writes in his/her country.
  • An actor involved in promoting Web access for all.
  • An actor working in the field of the Open Source softwares.