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T56b Agriculture and biodiversity (WT55)

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This workshop is the follow-up of the workshop organised in Lyon, 4-5 Oct 2007, during the Second Biennial of the Forum, which report and conclusions are available on this website.


- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

- China-Europa Forum catalogue

Topics for debates

  • What kind of practices for a sustainable farming system?
  • Agricultural practices and their impacts on biodiversity
  • The sustainability of small-scale farming systems

Read the full note on the research perspective of this workshop (pdf, 29 Ko)

About us

The Prime movers of this workshop are Mr Baptiste Sanson, facilitator at the Centre d’Ecodéveloppement de Villarceaux and Pr Kuang Rongping (况荣平), science consultant of Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center China

Workshop’s news

  • Following the meeting of the prime movers held in Paris from the 22nd to 24th of July 2009, Xu Rui came to visit the farm la Bergerie Villarceaux where he was received by Baptiste Sanson. This visit was an opportunity to present the agronomic technics implemented to manage this farm of 370 ha fully organic without pesticides.
  • From 1 to 10 March 2008, Kuang Rongping (况荣平), along with Ms Xin Anjing (辛安靖) and Mr Yang Song (楊嵩), participated in a seminar on “GMOs and Pesticides: Risks and Alternatives. What are the responses in China and in Europe?” at the Bergerie Farm.