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Founding Committee

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A group of nine founders, who were behind the First Biennial Meeting of the Forum, are the guarantors for the respect of the Constituent Charter by all Forum participants and organisers. In case of persistent breach of the Constituent Charter by Forum participants or organisers, this group shall decide without appeal. In case of resignation or decease of one of the founding members, he will be replaced through co-option with a two-thirds majority of the Founding Committee.

Mr Georges BERTHOIN: Honorary Chairman of the European Movement. An international organisation federating organisations and individuals wishing to work towards the construction of a united Europe.

Since he was Chief of Staff for Jean Monnet in 1952, Georges Berthoin has been at the core of the "Founding Fathers of Europe" action and has devoted much activity, mainly diplomatic, at the service of the European Community, as well as, internationally, of the Trilateral Commission, of which he was one of the founders.

Mr Pierre CALAME: General Manager of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation. The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation is committed to contributing to the long-term mutations of human societies for their governance, and the search for a common ethical core and new development models. It is main co-ordinator of the China-Europa Forum since its was first started in 2005. Pierre Calame also chairs the China-Europa Forum Foundation, which promotes dialog between European society and Chinese society in Europe.

Mr CHEN Yan: Secretary-General of the Association of Chinese Intellectuals in Europe. The association includes about one hundred Chinese academics, journalists, writers and artists living in Europe. It was at the origin of the first Forum.
Chen Yan is also Vice-President of the China-Europa Forum Foundation.

Mr HO Kinlap: Secretary-General of the Henry Fok Foundation. The foundation was the main organiser on the Chinese side of the First Biennial Meeting of the Forum in Nansha, in the Pearl River Delta. Its founder, the late Dr Henry Fok Ying Tung, a Hong Kong entrepreneur and philanthropist, was one of the first China expatriates to have supported China’s reform and opening-up policy.

Mr Michel ROCARD: Member of the European Parliament and of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Former Prime minister of France, he led the European delegation to the First Biennial Meeting in Nansha and took a decisive part in the preparation and holding of the Second Biennial Meeting in Brussels.

Mr SONG Xinning: Professor at the People’s University and associate researcher at the United Nations University at Bruges. Dean of the Department of International Relations and Director of the Centre of European Studies at the People’s University.

Mr Paul Trân VAN THINH: Former ambassador of the European Union to the GATT and the WTO. An economist and a jurist, Paul Trân Van Thin was negotiator for Europe at the GATT. He was responsible, among others, for the conclusion of the first trade agreements between China and Europe.

Mr WU Jianmin: Honorary President of the China Foreign Affairs University and Ambassador of China to Europe. Former Ambassador of China to France, Wu Jianmin is also Honorary President of the International Exhibitions Bureau. Following his diplomatic career he directed the only higher-education institution under the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs. He is member and spokesman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Ms YU Shuo: Dr. Prof. of anthropology, Director of the China-Europa Centre under the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. When serving as Coordinator-General of the China-Europa Forum, she had devoted to promoting the extensive exchanges and dialogues between Chinese and European societies.