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Workshop presentation

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The workshop was ceated by Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger from Geneva and Mrs. Zhao Rong, Executive Vice President & Secretary General of The Association of Promotion for Guangdong Economy & Investment. The main topics of our workshop is on the need to improve ethical behaviour of business organizations. Thus, the role and the responsibility of CEO’s and executives are at the core of the debate of our workgroup. The training of young professionals on new ethical standards imposes as an obvious development, as a necessary step in the challenging time that business organizations and society face today. The questions addressed with respect to the survival of the company1 in time of crisis and its reputation2, or those concerning the legal frame for the ethical behaviour3 and the role of global ethics in reaching a balance between globally-open market and local market4, as well as the understanding of responsibilities, will be analyzed from both, Chinese and European perspective..