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An Original Platform of Ideas

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An Original Platform of Ideas

1. Innovation in the form of a Sino-EU dialogue

Different from the traditional international conferences and academic meetings, the first “MACAU AND SINO-EUROPE DEBATE” was original and innovative, creating a tripartite interaction model of “moderators-discussants-journalists” for the first time. The moderator of each session was a senior commentator from media outlets or a person with a media background. Based on its eight-year achievements, the China-Europa Forum conducted a targeted selection of excellent moderators, participants and media professionals from the social network of nine themed groups and more than 70 workshops with the purpose of promoting a dialogue at the highest level in the relevant fields and delivering a voice with authority, credibility, social responsibility and humane care.

2. Innovation in the content of the Sino-EU dialogue

Themes took full account of current international hot issues and ideological frontiers, balanced the common concerns of China and Europe, and particularly reflected the local demands of Macau. Any issue that the era urgently appeals to, that people care about and pursue which is taking place in the world can be condensed to become themes of the dialogue of this ideological platform. Themes are diverse and unique, and the dialogue is sustainable and penetrating.

3. Innovation in the method of integrating the resources of the dialogue

Through the organisation of the trinity involvement plan of the three-dimensional dynamic media of “TV-Internet Media-Newspapers and Magazines”, the first “MACAU AND SINO-EUROPE DEBATE” created three sites at the same time–the activity site, the online site and the TV site, becoming both a platform for ideological collision and a platform for the dissemination of ideas. It is particularly worth mentioning that the “Microblogging (Twitter-like service in China) on-site broadcasting” became a major highlight of the media coverage this time. The cumulative amount of the reading volume of just two tweets from Dr YANG Hengjun and Ms YANG Ziyun exceeded 200,000 and the dissemination effect was very obvious.

In future, anthologies will be considered for the dissemination of ideas. As a result, the “MACAU AND SINO-EUROPE DEBATE” could be able to maximise social benefits with relatively smaller input of manpower, materials and financial resources.

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