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SWITCH-Asia Supporting the China-Europa 2014 Paris Conference

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SWITCH-Asia supporting the China-Europa 2014 Paris conference

On 29 April 2014, the China-Europa Forum organized a media kick-off event for the upcoming China-Europa Forum conference titled "Facing Climate Change: Rethinking our Global Development Model", to be held in Paris in December 2014.

During the kick-off event, which took place at Tencent Media Center in Beijing, SWITCH-Asia’s SCP Expert Patrick Schroeder presented the SWITCH-Asia Programme as important cooperation initiative between the EU and China. He also emphasized the role of SCP as effective approach for addressing climate change.

The China-Europa Forum Paris conference in 2014 will serve as preparation for the upcoming UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) climate change negotiations COP21 in Paris 2015, with the goal to strengthen Europe-China relations and closer cooperation for a successful outcome in the COP 21.

The event will serve as platform discussing European and Chinese cooperation on new development models. More than 300 participants from China and Europe are expected. One of the thematic topics of the event is Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The SWITCH-Asia Network Facility intends to participate and lead the SCP thematic discussions as European co-chair and facilitate the dialogue between Chinese SWITCH-Asia grant projects and European and Chinese and climate change aexperts from academia, policy and civil society.

For more information about the role of the SWITCH-Asia Programme in the 2014 Paris conference on "Facing Climate Change: Rethinking our Global Development Model" please contact: Patrick.schroeder@scp-centre.org

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