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The Chinese Book “Urbanisation: China and Europe” Published

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The Chinese Book “Urbanisation: China and Europe” Published

Urbanisation: China and Europe

Publishing Manager: YANG Lihua Studio

Content Director : CHEN Yan

Content Editor: YAN Min and BAI Li

Publishing House: GOLD WALL PRESS

Published: November 2013

In early November the book Urbanisation: China and Europe (in Chinese) was published by Gold Wall Press in Beijing. As the first publication in the China-Europa Forum Book Series it is also the first dedicated to EU-China urbanisation cooperation, sharing the European urbanisation experience which China can draw lessons from, and the prospects for China in seeking new solutions to sustainable societies that will later benefit European cities.

In his Foreword, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, wrote: “The book discusses how the experience of European cities over the past decades could inform China’s own transition towards a more sustainable urban future… The book will no doubt be a source of interest and inspiration for all the European and Chinese local decision-makers, architects, urban planners and industrial solution providers who will share their experiences every year at the EU-China Urbanisation Forum.”

On the morning of November 17, the book was presented at the opening ceremony of the three-day EU-China Urbanisation Partnership – Guangzhou Forum. Mr PAN Tao, Editor-in-Chief of Gold Wall Press, said that the Press would continue to strengthen cooperation with the China-Europa Forum (CEF) in order to publish more significant books within the framework of the China-Europa Forum Book Series.

The book was given an enthusiastic reception from participants at the Guangzhou Forum, the 2013 EU-China Urbanisation Partnership Forum in Beijing and the EU-China Exhibition on Urban Development.

Download the brief version of Urbanisation: China and Europe!