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Prime movers’ role

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What is a prime mover?

For more information on the workshops.

Every prime mover must sign and return the Forum Charter agreement. (pdf, 137 Ko)

What is the role of the prime movers?

Initiate the dialogue

- Write an issue paper presenting the European view on the workshop’s theme for the European prime mover and the Chinese view for the Chinese prime mover in conjunction with the 4 common challenges identified at the end of the second biennial (2007). When they exist, the outputs of the dialogue of the second biennial will be included. The exchange based on the European and Chinese issue papers is the starting point for the dialogue;

- Select, in connection with the coordinating team of the Forum, the Chinese and European participants and in respect of the Charter of the Forum. An average of 5 participants will represent the European side and 15 participants the Chinese side at the workshop and at the plenary;

- Open a workshop page on the Forum website;

- Identify the most relevant (maximum ten) articles and documents related to the theme, in Europe and in China. They will be posted online as soon as you fill and return to:, the identification form giving us permission to upload them on the Forum website and accept the sharing rules. Please make sure to include the documents already selected at the second biennial

Organize the meeting of the workshop in July 2009, in China, and its contribution to the plenary

- The plenary sessions will be organised, for part, around the 4 common challenges. The animation workshops will take this into account (soon: a note on animation workshops)..

- The workshop taking place in China, the Chinese prime movers will be responsible for organizing the workshop, welcoming participants, moderating the workshop’s activities…

- The Forum centralises the logistics, including travel arrangements, but on the basis of the list and details of participants (soon to download participation form) provided by the prime movers. This is necessary to coordinate with us arrivals / departures, visa applications and registrations for the plenary sessions. Please make sure to provide to the Forum organizers a list of all participants attending the workshop.

- In terms of funding, 5 roundtrips for European participants will be funded by the Forum for each workshop. …More to come on logistics…

Engage the long lasting dialogue

- Identify the four "pillars" that can be sollicited to support the workshop in the long term;

- Identify the existing cooperation between the two societies on the theme to benefit from such cooperation;

- Define, in bond with its counterpart, the modalities of the dialogue (meetings, forum …) to make it as thorough as possible and the most relevant for the theme. A certain degree of flexibility exists regarding the format of the workshops in July 2009: some may consider a longer stay with field visits to enable European participants to gain a more thorough sense of the realities in China and to give a more concrete significance to the dialogue;

- Define a strategy for communicating and mutualising the results of the workshop;

- Establish an action plan for seeking funding and co-financing in the long term.