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S12a Role and responsibility of artists (WS12)

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Creation in 2007 In progress


- China-Europa Forum catalogue

Workshop presentation

The workshop would take place over five days; the first two days will be concerned with a comparative Europe/China historical approach, looking in particular at the period of May 4th China and the European avant-gardes of the 1920s, and the decade of 1980s China. The last three days will instead be entirely devoted to the present reality, engaging numerous contemporary artists and representatives of artistic and cultural organisations.

Topics for debates

We suggest to organise a workshop looking at the role of the artist in society. The workshop links to a long tradition of discussions on ‘art and society’; art that, more generally, presents itself with direct relation to a possible collective future. One can think of Russian constructivism, or the literary avant-gardes of ‘May 4th‘ China. What does this mean today? Can art still play such a role? What is the relation between contemporary artists and the society they inhabit?

About us

Nicolas Milanese

Works for European Alternative Director of European Alternatives, a researcher in philosophy at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, and a writer.

European Alternatives is a trans-national organisation based in London with offices in several European cities. It is dedicated to exploring the potential for a post-national or transnational politics and culture, and promoting intellectual and artistic engagement with the idea and future of Europe. We run several projects on cultural and political themes internationally, publish a regular magazine, as well as organise the yearly London Festival of Europe.

Lorenzo Marsili

writer, coordinator of the European Alternatives

Krasimirov Manchev Boyan

Sofia New University/ College International de Philosophie

Workshop’s news

The workshop would take place in Beijing over the month of July. It would be open to the public, and feature simultaneous Chinese/English translation.