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T27b Evolution of lifestyles and new modes of consumption

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- Our workshop will be held in Guangzhou at Guangwai from the 10th to the 11th of July.

- Our workshop is supposed to be efficient and quite convivial and unformal with presentations, movies and photos about consumption and daily life.

- We hope to put on line some of our results.


- Watch a movie on Carrefour in Guangzhou, interview by D. Desjeux

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Workshop presentation

The workshop has been created by professor Dominique Desjeux, anthropologist, Professor at the Sorbonne (Paris Descartes University), Professor Zheng Lihua, Dean and Yang Xiao Min associate professor at Guangwai Daxue, Guangzhou.

The European team is made of researchers and professionals coming from five countries, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy and Spain. The Chinese team is a university group from Guangwai University

Work shop discussion would be on new technologies of communication, body cares, food daily life, shopping, ethnicity and consumption, second hand consumption and visual qualitative methods in Europe and China.

Topics for debates

Based on many qualitative studies in China and Europe about daily life we will try to understand how the global crisis is changing or not the way of consuming goods today.

- Evolution of consumption patterns in China in which grows a consumption society
- China is confronted with the problems that western countries have been facing in their development. How will these problems manifest themselves? And what influences will they bring out ?
- The issue of life styles and consumption patterns is no longer limited within national boundaries,but becomes a question of world market. In this context, how to promote the cooperation and coordination between countries? And how to better construct the world market ?
- How can all the peoples in the world follow the development of the market without losing their traditions and caracteristics ?

About us

- Chinese Prime mover:

YANG Xiaomin, qiqiloulou (at) 163.net

- European Prime mover:

Dominique Desjeux, d.desjeux (at) argonautes.fr

- European Participants:

Tine Vinge François, manager at TDC solution, Denmark Telecom, Arhus, Denmark. She has working been working on daily life for many years. One of her first study was on the uses of fridge in France and how objects were circulating between generations.

Francesca Setiffi, is teaching consumption at Universita Ca’Foscari, Venezia, Italy and is PhD student under the direction of Professor Domenico Secondulfo at Verona University, Italy.

Despina Amarantides is marketing manager at L’Oreal Greece. She works on body care.

Carlos Ballesteros, Professor of Marketing at Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain.

Lionnel Ochs, Anthropologist, head of Methos a small business company involved in applied anthropology in Paris.

Workshop’s news

- For those who will be there the 8th or the 9th of July, some observations of market places in Guangzhou will be organized.