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S37a Role and responsibility of social entreprises (WS26)

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- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

- China-Europa Forum catalogue

Workshop presentation

Social enterprise is a new form of organization hybridizing the traditional firms and NGOs. It bridges up the segregated private and voluntary sectors. It generates new dynamics of balance of sustainable development in the post neo-liberal era, as well as providing new models of socio-economic governance at the local and global levels.

Topics for debates

- 1. What are the current developments in Social Enterprise in both China and Europe?

- 2. What lessons can the emerging social enterprises learn from cooperatives, NGOs and private companies in China and Europe?

- 3. What is meant by “Social Innovation”? Where is the trade- off between innovation, social benefits and financial profits? How “innovative” are social enterprises and entrepreneurs when they emphasize innovation?

- 4. Although the development of social enterprise in China and Europe is at different levels, are there any good practices that can be shared by both sides?

- 5. Are there any gaps between enterprise, social and economic development? If so, how to bridge the gaps in order to achieve sustainable development in a holistic way?

- 6. What insights can be drawn from social enterprises for future socio-economic development in China and Europe, especially during the current economic turmoil?