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S39c Companies ecological responsibility: for an environmental friendly industry & policy

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- More : This workshop share its documents with an extended CSR working group

- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009 (Pdf - 66.3 Kio)

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Workshop presentation

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for China and Europe to discuss the environmental protection issues, especially concern on impelling related policies about clean manufacture, energy-saving and emission reduction. Also, improve and enhance the positive interaction between local society and government.

Topics for debates

1. From clean manufacture to green investment: Case studies from clean manufacture or green investment. How they work and what they have done.

2. Enterprise’ responsibility for environment and environmental law: Demonstrate and analyze one case study about European corporation and local government interact with each other and forming common understandings on clean manufacturing, energy-saving and emission reduction policies. By inviting entrepreneur and government officials from both China and Europe to discuss further details concerning their roles and methods.

3. Related policy and multidisciplinary cooperation: Invite one representative from Chinese and European entrepreneurs, government official, NGO, research institution, media respectively to hold a multidisciplinary communication under guidelines. At the same time, conduct an in-depth discussion with other representatives.

About us

Chinese Prime mover

Mr YANG Peng,General Secretary of the Association Society Entrepreneur for Ecology (SEE)

Assistant:Mrs LIU Li, in charge of entreprise partnership in the association SEE

email:SEE20 [at] VIP.SINA.COM

European Chinese Prime mover

Mr Walter Sancassiani, director, Focus Lab