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T51c Towards an industrial ecology: recycling economy, energy saving and pollution reduction

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- Preparatory documents for the workshops - meeting in Paris in July 2009

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Workshop presentation

The shortage of resources, destruction of ecology, polluted environment and unbalanced socio-economic regional development have become the paramount strategic issues globally. China has vowed recently “to promote the conservation culture by forming both resource-efficient and ecologically friendly industrial frameworks, taking into account the growth pattern and mode of consumption”. Therefore, building a society which conserves resources and preserves the ecological environment needs to be at the forefront of today’s modern industrial development strategy. China, being the world’s largest developing country and benefiting from an international experience curve, is promoting scientific innovation within a Recycling Economy, exploring pathways to sustainability, promoting its ecological cultural development, and has become today’s central focus worldwide.

The workshop on the Recycling Economy, Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction in Beijing will be held in China from 18-21 July, 2009. A number of major Chinese institutions are committed to fully supporting this event, while cordially inviting renowned experts, scholars, and government officials from China and abroad to discuss the circular economy and energy efficiency. The conference aims to discuss how to improve Green Growth, Green Investment, Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction, Ecological Industry, Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP), and how to expand the scope of international cooperation. A prime topic for discussion will be the development of international management skills in the context of different national and policy backgrounds. The conference will propose a series of relevant measures to improve China’s vitality and international participation in these fields.

The workshop is a sub-conference of the China-Europa Forum, a new form of society-to-society dialogue to address our common challenges. It is a great opportunity to strengthen the dialogue between European and Chinese societies and within each society. We are expecting around 50-70 participants to attend the conference. The Conference Organizing Committee is very pleased to invite those interested in attending this conference to join us to promote the development of China and Europe’s environmental cooperation, which we expect to become more internationally focused, competitive, responsive and flexible in dealing with the challenges presented by the economic crisis.

About us

Mr. Wang Feng

Dr. Huang is widely published in the Chinese, English and German languages on subjects ranging from economic transition to cross-cultural management. His publications include Wirtschaftstranformation auf Regionaler Ebene in China (2000), China’s Digital Dream (2002), Jinrongye De Xinxihua Zhingxing (2004), and Online Trading in China’s Security Industry (2004), A DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN CHINA (2004).

China’s Chair: Prof.Dr.Haifeng Huang