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The ESIT and the forum

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The ESIT cooperates with the China-Europa Forum since July 2007. They are teams of students and teachers who have translated documents for the second biennial meeting of the Forum in Chinese, English and French online on this site.

After the forum 2007, the students of the Translation Section, headed by Professor Gilles Ouvrard, translated the presentation text of the Forum in Chinese and English.

For the preparation of the third biennial meeting, the Forum continues the collaboration with the ESIT, welcoming in spring 2009, the trainingship of some francophone students in their final year of Master. Their role was to translate documents transmitted by the workshops, from Chinese to French, and to update the thesaurus and the database Documentary Forum in three languages.

For these future professionals is a great opportunity to work with specialists in many areas in a multicultural work environment. For the China-Europa Forum, it is to collaborate withr a quality service of translations into the duration, .

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