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Workshop Issues

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Socio professional workshopsThematic workshops

S – Socio professional workshops

S1 – The role and responsibility of professionals of creation and transmission of knowledge and values.

S11 – Philosophers and religious

S11a – Religion and Society: the challenge of multiple identities (WS11)

S12 – Artists and sportsmen

S12a – Role and responsibility of artists (WS12)

S14 – Teachers

S14a – Role and responsibility of Academics (WS14)

S2 – Place, role and responsibility of the various social groups

S21 – Women

S21a – Role and responsibility of women (WS21)

S23 – Migrants and ethnical minorities

S23a – Place of internal and external Migrants in society, and their social and economic integration (WS23)

S28 – Inhabitants

S3 – Role and responsibility of the stakeholders of economy and finance

S31 – Executives of Multinational Companies

S31a – Role and responsibility of company chief executives and their training to responsibility (WS31)

S33 – Professionals of the financial sector

S33a – Financial institutions and today’s Financial crisis : what cooperation between Europe and China ? (WS32)

S36 – Consumers

S36a – Role and responsibility of consumers for a sustainable development (WS34)

S39 – Social and environmental responsibility of the actors of economy

S39a – Responsible management of executives (WS25)
S39b – Corporate social responsibility : a way for a better dialogue between China and Europe
S39c – Companies ecological responsibility: for an environmental friendly industry & policy

S4 – Role and responsibility of the actors of the Governance sector

S42 – Leaders and managers at State’s level

S42a – Civil service managers (WS43)

S44 – Servicemen

S44a – Military men contribution to human security and their links with the rest of society (WS44)

S47 – Civil society organizations

S47b – Citizenship, social responsibility and international cooperation of civil society organizations (WS24)

T – Thematic workshops

T1 – Creation, transmission and sharing of values and knowledges

T11 – Ethics, philosophy, religion

T11b – Values crisis and search for common ethical basis (WT12)

T13 – Science and technics

T13a – The management of scientific and technical choices (WT15)

T14 – Education

T14a – The reform of higher education (WT14)
T14g – Education of migrants’ children and its role in integration

T16 – Dialogue between societies

T16a – The challenges and advantages of Euro-Chinese dialogue and intercultural dialogue (WT13)

T2 – Society, social organization, lifestyles

T21 – Evolution of population, demography, family and family policy, gender relations and relations between generations

T22 – Social policies and struggle against poverty

T22c – The rich and the poor: which social model? (WT22)

T23 – International and domestic migrations ; urban and countryside relations; mobility policies

T3 – Economy

T31 – Organisation of supply chains

T31c – Sustainable food-production channels and systems: food services (WT35)

T33 – Financial, fiscal and monetary policy; Financial institutions ; Credit

T33a – The capacity of the economic and financial players to take a long-term view (WT33)

T35 – Economic and territorial development of cities and countryside

T35a – The future of rural areas in China and Europe (WT34)
T35c – The polarization of development; regional development (WT31)

T37 – Tourism

T4 – Objectives, methods and levels of governance from local to global

T43 – Regional integration and world governance

T43a – China and Europa as global player : which conception of world governance ? (WT44)
T43h – The position of China and Europe in the global system of production and trade (WT32)

T44 – Juridical system, law, peace and security

T44c – International regulations applicable to multinational companies

T45 – The conception and management of public services

T45a – The conception and management of public services (WT23)

T48 – Public service and training to public affairs

T48a – The training of civil servants and the training in public affairs

T5 – Relations between humankind and biosphere

T52 – Water Management

T54 – Land management and land policies

T56 – Domestic and wild biodiversity