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Universal Declaration on Laicity in the 21st century

Authors: Jean Baubérot, Roberto Blancarte, Micheline Milot

Date: 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Below is a declaration on laicity which was initiated by 3 leading academics from 3 different countries. As the declaration contains the diverse views and opinions of different academic participants, complete consensus amongst all the contributors and readers is not possible. The declaration attempts to discuss different pragmatic approaches to laicity while at the same time providing a clear recommendation on how laicity should be viewed.

The declaration’s main objective is to raise a debate about laicity and its implications; it proposes new ways of thinking about the subject while disassociating itself clearly from the French and the Western systems.

Though our success will be measured on the number of signatories, a signature doesn’t mean agreement with the conclusions but rather an agreement of the text’s driving philosophy and the will to find a consensus encompassing the different views and cultures of the world’s different continents.

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